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5 Sunscreens You Can Wear OVER Your Makeup

Did you know you’re supposed to apply sunscreen about every 2 hours? No joke. If you’re strictly indoors surrounded by walls (ugh – my work life), you’re good with just a morning application. But if you spend extended periods of time outside – shopping, working, sweating, or swimming – you definitely need to up your sun protection game. It’s easy to reapply on your body,

Allure Beauty Box – April 2019

It’s been a few months since I’ve purchased an Allure Beauty Box, but I just could not pass up April. I canceled my sub late last year because I wasn’t thrilled about the sneak peeks I saw in upcoming boxes. Customer service was a pain! It took almost 2 weeks to get a response to my cancellation email, and I was still charged January’s box.

Battle Dry Lips with These 3 Products

My lips are incessantly dry, which is such a pain in the ass. I drink plenty of water, moisturize frequently, and believe I treat them right, but they will chap and peel if I’m not careful. And winter time is the hardest time for my lips. The cold, dry air doesn’t do them any favors. I can’t do basic lip balm. Toss that EOS and

Makeup 101: All About Face Primer

Let’s talk face primer! Do you use primer on a regular basis? Do you know what primer is? When I first started using primer, I would just swipe a bunch over my face with a brush not really knowing what it was doing. When I finally took the time to research correct primers for my skin type, I started seeing a difference in their performance.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Vote

Yeah, there are zero good reasons to not vote. Sorry to get political, but getting to the polls is important. I know it can get overwhelming with the maniacal amount of ads on TV, online and in the newspaper (does anyone still read that?). Even though everyone is literally screaming at you to vote, don’t do it for them. Do it for yourself. Vote for