5 tips to heat proof your makeup for the summer

5 tips to heat proof your makeup for the summer

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Summer can bring lots of outdoor and travel fun. Maybe you hit up a theme park or visit your favorite museum. But blotched foundation and smudged eyeliner can easily ruin your good time.

Next time you're getting ready to brave the sun, try these pro tricks to keep looking great even through the glaring heat.

1. Opt for a tinted moisturizer

There is a time and place for full coverage foundation, but if you sweat from your face, summer is not it. Try a lightweight tinted moisturizer. Because makeup likes to move around when it's hot, wearing something lightweight and thin can help prevent this.

2. Powder and set before makeup

This trend was popular on TikTok, but celebrity makeup artists have been doing it for years. After skincare, powder your face then apply a light layer of setting spray. Once dry, apply your makeup like normal. Your makeup will stay in place for hours.

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Tip: Try BeautieSocial's Delight. Makeup Setting Spray to keep your makeup in place AND uplift your mood.

3. Layer on sun protection

It might seem obvious, but don't skimp on the SPF. Protect your skin from sunburn and aging with sunscreen and reapply every couple of hours.

There are plenty of facial sunscreen sprays so you can reapply even with a full face of makeup. I opt for a Korean facial spray and powder my face after I reapply to keep me looking more matte.

4. Try a gripping primer

Elf and milk makeup both have power grip primers that are slightly sticky to help your makeup adhere to your face. Make sure your skincare has dried down before applying.

5. Waterproof everything

Eyeliner, mascara, lipsticks - try smudge proof / waterproof versions of each.


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