5 Foundation Tips for Mature Skin

5 Foundation Tips for Mature Skin

Foundation should always enhance your appearance, not create a mask. As we age, skin loses moisture and wrinkles start to appear. But we should embrace it by finding products that work with our current skin. The right products can make all the difference and create a flattering, youthful glow.

It's important to find products that match our ongoing needs.

  1. With mature skin, you're going to want to look for a foundation that is dewy as opposed to matte. Matte can make any fine lines appear more prominent. You can look for a full coverage or tinted foundation, but stay away from powder foundations as those can settle into wrinkles and dry patches and accentuate them. Liquid, cream and serum foundations are your friend.

  2. The most important step in applying foundation happens before it even touches your face. Making sure skin is plump and hydrated will keep your foundation looking its best. Massage in your face and eye moisturizers, and allow them to absorb completely into your skin before applying foundation.

  3. A good face primer may also help in preventing fine lines look more pronounced. Look for a pore filling or hydrating primer to create a smoother canvas for your makeup. Allow a light layer of primer to absorb and dry down before applying foundation in order to avoid pilling, which is when products ball into globs on your face after you layer products too quickly or thickly.

  4. For foundation application, using a lightly damp beauty sponge and rolling or stippling onto skin provides nice even coverage and blends beautifully. If you need more coverage, you can build up as you go, applying additional foundation to the spots that need it.

    If a brush is more your speed, opt for a rounded dome brush that buffs foundation into skin for a smooth and even application, like this Kabuki one from Fenty. 

  5. To keep skin looking dewy on mature skin, skip the powder and set your foundation with a makeup setting spray. The spray will keep your makeup in place without looking dry. If you do prefer a more matte look, apply a loose powder after setting spray using a light hand. Loose powders are more finely milled than pressed powders and applying it after setting spray helps to keep it from settling into fine lines.
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